Q: Does having a Cash Card the same as having a bank ATM card?
A: Functionally, yes you can use the card to withdraw from an ATM and do POS shopping. Although a bank account has a minimum maintaining balance, earns interest and is insured with the PDIC.
Q: Can I withdraw my money from any Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?
A: Yes on most Philippine banks ATM. Just look for the Bancnet, Megalink, Express Link logo on the machine. It can also be used in ATMs worldwide with the VISA plus logo. Please note that interbank charges may apply on balance inquiries and withdrawals.
Q: What do I do if I lost my card or if the card is not working?
A: For any card and use related concerns (e.g., lost, damaged, captured, amount not dispensed etc.,), you may contact Chinatrust Customer Service at 8401234 or 180010 8401234.

For Remittance related concerns such as delayed remittance, cardholders may call myREMIT’s customer support at 410-4000.
Q: Is my Cash Card pre-activated?
A: No, card will be activated once we received the signed application form and copy of valid ID, usually within 3-5 days upon receipt of the card.
Q: What is my PIN code and how do I change it?
A: A PIN Mailer or password is included in the Cash Card kit delivered by our courier. You may change your PIN by visiting any Chinatrust ATM. Please visit http://www.chinatrust.com.ph/chinatrust/branches--Local.htm for the complete list of branches nationwide.
Q: Can I pay my bills using my Cash Card?
A: Yes, just visit Bancnet Online - http://www.bancnetonline.com select Chinatrust, Type in your account number, select savings and key-in your ATM PIN.
Q: Can I withdraw other currencies like US Dollars from my Cash Card.
A: Your Cash Card is denominated in Philippine Peso. Any withdrawal done in the Philippines will dispensed in the Philippine currency. However, withdrawals done in other countries will be dispensed in the local currency subject to foreign exchange conversion and applicable charges (USD1.50 for inquiry and USD3.50 for withdrawal).
Q: How is money loaded to my card?
A: Loading may be done by visiting any myREMIT outlet or remittance Tie-Ups worldwide. Please call (+632)410-4000 for assistance in finding a Remittance Tie-Up. Soon, you may also visit our website www.tfcmyremit.com for Remittance Tie-Ups
Q: Do I need to renew my card every year?
A: No, your card has a validity period of 5 years from date of issue. You will be advised by EMPI before your expiry date and asked if you want a replacement card.