E-MoneyPlus, Inc. ("EMPI" or "We" or "us") respects the privacy of our customers ("Customer" or "You" or "you"). We are committed to safeguard the personal information (the “Personal Information”) you provide in this Application Form and thereafter in connection with the myREMIT Cash Card, and to ensure its security. EMPI and its related companies as defined herein shall comply with all relevant privacy laws, rules and regulations. As our customer, you have the right to request for the following:

  1. The purpose, scope and method by which your Personal Information shall be used and processed;
  2. Date when your Personal Information was last rectified;
  3. Rectification and supplementation of your Personal Information;
  4. Suspension of the use and processing of your Personal Information;
  5. Destruction of your Personal Information which is incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or no longer necessary for the purposes enumerated below.
EMPI will not rent or sell your Personal Information. EMPI shall not share your Personal Information with third parties other than as provided herein. EMPI limits access to your Personal Information to its personnel who only need to come into contact with that information for any of the purposes listed below, and in order to perform their functions in connection with the myREMIT Cash Card, and are strictly obliged to keep your Personal Information confidential.
By signing this myREMIT Cash Card Application Form, you agree and allow EMPI to use, share and disclose your Personal Information with its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, a complete list of which is available at the myREMIT website www.tfcmyremit.com ("Affiliates"), for any of the following purposes:
  1. Market, promote, cross-promote, sell, up-sell,cross-sell, bundle, and advertise its/their products, services and activities;
  2. Customize its/their advertising and marketing activities, and improve its/their services;
  3. Fulfill your requests for products and services;
  4. Conduct research, surveys, perform statistical analyses of user behavior in order to measure relative customer interest on various products and services;
  5. Inform advertisers or sponsors how many have responded to an advertisement or promotion;
  6. Promote and manage its/their customer loyalty program;
  7. Pass information to the relevant government agency or institution for fraud information;
  8. Contact you or communicate with you for any of these purposes through its/their representatives or trusted business partners or service providers; and,
  9. Other purposes as permitted by relevant laws and regulations.
You further allow EMPI to share your Personal Information with Chinatrust Banking Corporation, EMPI’s trusted business partners, or/and third-party processors (“Service Providers”) to use the your Personal Information which you provide, or any other personal information which you may hereinafter provide at any time to fulfill the services in connection with the myREMIT Cash Card.
You waive any requirement for further notices from EMPI, its Affiliates, Chinatrust, and Service Providers:
  1. when your information would be used for the respective foregoing purposes;
  2. on the specific information to be used for the respective foregoing purposes;
  3. on the specific purposes for which your information will be respectively used; and
  4. on the recipients or classes of recipients to whom your information is or may be disclosed.
You indemnify and hold EMPI, its Affiliates and Service Providers and their respective  officers, agents, directors, stockholders and employees free and harmless from and against any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees, in connection with the use of your Personal Information as herein provided.
If at any time you wish to (i) receive information in connection with processing your Personal Information, or (ii) stop receiving communications from EMPI, its Parent Companies, Affiliates or Service Providers, , or (iii) revoke the permission granted herein to EMPI, its Parent Companies, Affiliates and Service Providers, you may contact EMPI at the following contact details:
E-MoneyPlus, Inc.
Ground Floor, ELJ Communications Center, Eugenio Lopez Drive, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel No. (632) 410-4000