Updated as of April 21, 2017


Privacy Policy

Federal laws require ABS-CBN GLOBAL REMITTANCE, INC. dba TFC MYREMIT (hereinafter “ABS-CBN”, “us” , “our”, or “we”) to collect certain information from all clients for whom it conducts electronic financial transactions.  In many instances different federal laws allow you to control our use of the personal, non-public information you provide to ABS-CBN.  You should know that ABS-CBN is committed to the protection of your personal, non-public information and that we have implemented a number of measures to ensure that your information is shared with others only in full compliance with the policy stated below.


When you transfer or receive funds through ABS-CBN, you are deemed to consent and agree to allow ABS-CBN to collect, store and, pursuant to this policy, share personal non-public information about yourself and your counterparty (beneficiary or remitter) to the transaction.   You may “opt out” of this consent by informing ABS-CBN about your withdrawal of such consent in many situations, as described below.
We may amend this policy at any time.  Any amendments will be posted on our website. Should we make a material change to the manner in which we collect, use or store your personal information, we shall provide prior notice on our website, or by email.


Information collected 

The type of information ABS-CBN may collect includes the following:

•    The numbers of officially-issued identification documents , including passports, driver’s licenses,  or Social Security number
•    Name, address, mobile and home telephone numbers
•    Account numbers, debit and credit card numbers
•    Account balances and transaction history based on latest bank statement provided
•    Credit history and payment history
•    Computer information such as the internet domain and host name; your computer’s IP address; the browser and operating system software you use; social profile and network information; the date and time you access our website and the Internet address used to link to our website when you visit us
•    We may also use "cookies" to track your use of this website

We will retain all information collected as follows:

•    For the period mandated by applicable laws and regulations ( 5 years for anti-money laundering compliance).
•    Until your account remains active
•    Until you notify us in writing that you wish your personal information to be removed consisted with applicable legal obligations
•    Until we determine that it is no longer in our best interests to maintain such information, in compliance with applicable legal requirements.


Use of information 

The information we collect can be used to process your transactions, verify your identity, collect payment for your use of ABS-CBN’s services, ensure quality of service, to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including anti-money laundering requirements, to prevent fraud and other illegal uses of ABS-CBN’s services and to facilitate promotions by ABS-CBN and its partners , and infrastructure.


ABS-CBN has a legal obligation to share your personal information to comply with applicable law, subpoenas or other court orders.  Even if you opt out of sharing your personal information, ABS-CBN will have a continuing obligation to share it as above.   Moreover ABS-CBN may use this information to offer you additional financial services.
You can direct ABS-CBN to not share your personal non-public information with affiliates and non-affiliates and prevent those entities from marketing services to you.  ABS-CBN will comply with any such request immediately upon receiving it.

To instruct ABS-CBN to not share your personal, non-public information with third parties as indicated above, you may contact us by email at  tfcmyremitus@abs-cbn.com ; fax no. 1-855-697-3648; or by mail at 2001 Junipero Serra Blvd. Suite 200, attn: Customer Service, 1-888-485-8088.
ABS-CBN does not sell or rent the information we collect to third parties for their promotional purposes unless we receive your permission to do so.


While no security system is full proof, ABS-CBN employs industry accepted standards and practices in protecting the information you provide to us.  Our digital information security controls include SSL [Secure Socket Layer] encryption technology to protect your personal information. We also require a username and password from each user who wants to access their information.
Our physical files are equally stored in secure facilities where access is limited only to those who need the information to provide the service requested.
Should a security breach occur despite our best efforts, ABS-CBN will employ all available commercially reasonable measures to contain the breach and to inform you as soon as practicable about such breach.  We may also inform you about any measures you may take to avoid negative consequences as a result of any such breach.


Customer Service/Complaints 

If you have any questions or concerns about ABS-CBN’s privacy policy you may contact us by email at tfcmyremitus@abs-cbn.com; fax no. 1-855-697-3648; or by mail at 2001 Junipero Serra Blvd. Suite 200, attn: Customer Service, 1-888-485-8088.