myREMIT offers various selection of paymodes in the Philippines such as Credit to Bank, Cash Pick Up, Door-to-Door and soon the Cash Card to provide more convenience and security in receiving and using your remittances.

Your remittance will be credited or transferred to any Philippine bank where your beneficiary has a savings or current account.
*Also credits to all major Philippine Commercial, Savings and Rural banks.

Your remittance will be delivered directly to your beneficiary’s door step at their specified address. myREMIT delivers to beneficiaries in Metro Manila within 1-2 days and selected provincial areas within 2-4 days.

If your beneficiary has a myREMIT Cash Card in the Philippines, your remittance may be credited to your beneficiary's myREMIT Cash Card and your beneficiary can withdraw the remittance from any accredited ATM in the Philippines and worldwide. Cashless shopping is possible using the swipe card facility of Bancnet in the Phil. and VISA in the Phil and worldwide.


myREMIT Bill Pay allows customers to pay bills online directly to identified companies or merchants in the Philippines, giving them more flexibility and control over their bill-paying process.
*This service may not be avaliable in all regions.